In this article, Director of TFH Gazebos Richard Cutmore shares his tips for making a lasting impression at corporate winter events.

The first quarter is underway and it’s the time of the year where many of us will be sending or receiving Q1 event invitations around this time. Business events like these are the perfect way to come face to face with customers, potential clients, key figures, and other businesses in your industry. But how can you be sure that you’re sticking in people’s minds?

While exposure at this time of year is invaluable, attending an event could be a huge waste of time, money, and resources if you fail to encourage people to engage with your business. So, below I’ll be taking you through three of the most important ways to maximise your potential at your next winter event.

Make the most of your event space

Using promotional materials creatively can really help your event space stand out from the crowd. Set up flags, banners, and other advertising kit so you can be identified from a distance — not only will this tempt people over on the day, but you’ll show up in lots of photographs and be more prominent that way.

Remember that good branding doesn’t only get you recognised, but it can tell people a lot about your company if they aren’t aware of who you are already. Your logo, colours, slogan, and other aspects of your brand should be able to convey who you are and what your core principles are, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure they are perfect.

It’s also worth investing in a gazebo or canopy — branded, of course — to protect you from the elements and to provide attendees somewhere to escape should the weather turn. Look for heavy duty PVC coated fabric, as this is the most wind and rain resistant and should last you a very long time.

Utilise social media

Social media is invaluable for increasing engagement if you’re pro-active about sharing event updates before, during, and after the event. Many smart businesspeople compile a list of companies they’d like to visit during the day and, by posting regularly in the run up to the event about what you’ll be providing on the day (as well as some information about your business), you can help generate some excitement and they will be more likely to add you to their own list.

After you’ve set up, take pictures of your gazebo and share them across your channels so people know where to find you on the day, and connect with event attendees by using the hashtags set up by the event organisers. Try to take advantage of other businesses’ social media influence by looking for photo opportunities and tagging them to target their followers. If you haven’t already, it could help to have a dedicated member of staff to manage your social media channels for the event.

Offer plenty of incentives

At the event, it could be beneficial to run competitions and giveaways that can help to increase engagement. These never fail to generate a buzz around your event space and cause your brand to stick in people’s minds. Gifts printed with your logo and company colours are a perfect marketing tool, especially when they’re interesting or useful, because people can take a piece of your branding home with them and share it with their friends and family.

Offering small incentives to use your business can also make for a memorable experience, so don’t forget to come up with some event-only special offers so people can try you out. Then, once they’ve redeemed their discount, you can win them over with your service and ensure repeat custom.

The tips in this guide can help you ensure you get noticed at your next outdoor winter event. It’s a great time of year to maximise your profits for the quarter and set up lots of opportunities for the new year, so make sure you plan your approach carefully.

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