A pain point is defined as a problem, real or perceived. We all have them and we all experience them. Individuals pain points vary depending on their experiences. Hippo’s services are based around solutions to those key pain points, through our full Event Project Management and Global Venue Finding services.

Below we look at 5 common pain points of organising an event:

(1) Lead Time
Shortened lead times are a challenge of modern day event management. Many organisations and businesses often do not have sight of their meeting and event budgets either until the new financial year has begun or their recent fiscal results have been released. The largest trend the industry has seen in the previous ten years has been the dramatic reduction in lead times. Years have become months, months have become weeks and weeks are now days. This could be due to several influencing factors; increased competition and economic instabilities to name a few.

As a professional event manager you must work within your given timeframes. So, rather than dwell on it, embrace the challenge – test yourself and your skills. Anything is possible if you dedicate yourself, put in the work and do it with a smile you can turn that pain point in to a pleasure.

(2) Hidden Fees
So, you’ve signed the contract, added all items to your budget, received sign off and you’re pressing ahead with the planning. And then – wham! – you’re thrown a curveball…your supplier wasn’t quite a forthcoming as you’d like them to be about the breakdown of costs or any additional fees. Suddenly your budget has sky rocketed with these unforeseen additions. More so, where do you find the extra money?

Whether it’s rigging charges, cloakroom, staffing, furniture, accommodation, per diems, security, even electricity, these fees can rapidly add up. They are sometimes hidden deep in the terms and conditions, so Hippo would always recommend reading through the contract T&C’s as thoroughly as possible. We understand the small print can be annoying, but it could save your thousands in the future. In fact, speak with your suppliers and venue on the phone or face-to-face to ask about additional fees. Explain to them what you are looking to do in your event and ask them to send across quotations to match your requirements, prior to signing anything.

(3) Response times
In today’s world we are all guilty of wanting everything yesterday. The evolution of the internet and e-mails has made information accessible at the click of a button, and it’s safe to say that we now expect this from our suppliers. When organising an event, be it a Corporate or Team Building event, yours is the most important and always will be, hence why we need and want quick answers, however to a supplier, they may have multiple events on all at once, from which they must prioritise their responses.

Slow response times and chasing suppliers can be frustrating, especially when you have your own internal deadlines to meet. Think ahead as best possible, giving the supplier the maximum amount of time to draft a response. Detail when you need a response by, and if it is an extremely quick turnaround then consider if you’d be happy to accept basic information over a detailed response.

(4) Rogue delegates
Often working with hundreds (or thousands) of your invitees, all with different backgrounds, workloads, locations, mentalities etc. it can prove tricky to ensure they all follow the same steps and instructions. At times, it can feel like an uphill task.

Hands up if one of the following has happened to you… a delegate arrives on the event day itself providing an obscure dietary requirement that isn’t prepared for and wasn’t detailed in their registration…you are inundated with pre-event e-mails asking for detail already covered in the correspondence sent out…or….you’ve got either an incredible dip or spike in numbers on the event day itself due to no-shows or attendees turning up having not registered? Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us and is part and parcel of events. Depending on how you perceive these quirks, its best to see the humour in the situation. Concentrate on that, and always remember that if it isn’t for your delegates attending the event, there wouldn’t be an event at all.

(5) Stress
Did you know that according Forbes event planning is considered the 5th most stressful job of 2017? If you are an event organiser yourself, you most probably could have guessed this! Stress comes hand in hand with managing events. The pressure both from external parties and internally can often be overwhelming. It is easy to get swept up in the endless e-mails and mountain of work to complete, but ensure you take a step back when you can. Reassess, prioritise, manage expectations and seek assistance where you can.

High levels of stress can often negatively affect performance but be mindful of the impact it is having on you and your health. Hippo offer a full Event Project Management and Global Venue Finding service. This means we can assist with as much or a little as you wish in your event planning, saving you the long hours, late nights, and endless e-mails!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on enquiries@hippoevents.co.uk or 01372 460 100 – we’re here to help. Hippo.