A proactive nature is an attitude, not just a characteristic. Here at Hippo our company values prioritise a proactive nature, ensuring no stone is left unturned ahead of our clients’ events.

We identify questions and generate the answers before even being asked…we create back up plans for all potential outcomes…we cover all bases, even for improbable situations…the list goes on…

Below we take a deeper look into our approach that defines our service.

“Our approach to your event is…
proactive, not reactive”

Before doing so, let’s take a quick look at the official meaning of both terms, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary:

Proactive: creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.
Reactive: acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it.

Essentially, a key difference between the two approaches is initiative. A person with a ‘proactive’ nature uses their initiative early to assess a situation and react as necessary prior to any proceedings taking place, therefore maintaining control. A ‘reactive’ natured person may potentially use their initiative, but will use it at a much later date, a time when it is usually too late to control. They allow themselves to get caught up in the tide before finding a method to get back to shore, so to speak.

Relishing under stress, a ‘proactive’ person or business often excels when under pressure. Analysing the vision ahead, they can identify and think strategically about how to overcome potential or inevitable situations. To continue with the previous analogy, their forward-thinking nature would anticipate the waves and choppy waters ahead, and instead would embrace the water having knowingly taken the right ship to survive. The ‘reactive’ attitude would be shocked by each and every wave.

So, how does this apply to End-to-end Event Project Management? The ‘proactive’ approach see’s an entire event as one big picture rather than many individual elements e.g. Catering, Venue, Transport etc. Each inevitable (and improbable) challenge is part of a larger pattern, much like waves in the sea. Their approach has logic and continuity amongst their solutions and resulting actions. A sense of predictability is evident as they can adapt to each situation, or ‘wave’, anticipating what the future could be, reacting accordingly before it occurs.

Although both forms react to a situation, being 1 step ahead is the critical difference. ‘Proactivity’ ensures all situations are developed and strengthened ahead of time.

What if the coaches don’t turn up? We have multiple taxi numbers and alternative coach company’s numbers to hand. And if an evacuation at the venue occurs due to unexpected fire alarms? We have a plan to entertain your delegates and get your agenda back on track. But what happens if a hotel overbooks their accommodation? We have ensured we have agreements in place that your delegates get priority place at their venue, plus we already have these documents printed out prior to arriving on site.

Being proactive during the pre-event, logistics, on-site and post-event stages is key to running an successful event and to providing our clients with the best possible service.

We’re so confident of our proactive approach, it is quite literally written into our name.

Honest. Initiative. Personal. Proactive. On target.

If you’d like to get in touch regarding any of our services, please contact us here at Hippo.