Ah food, the cause of and solution to all life’s problems! Behind chatting about the weather, food has to be Britain’s favourite subject to discuss. Why is that? Because good food makes us feel good.

We hate to admit it, but it’s true. For this very reason, the importance of quality food and beverage at your event is paramount.

We’ve all been a little bit grumpy, or had a miniature sulk (just me?) when we haven’t eaten. Offering food at regular intervals can help elevate an event. The idea of a delegate heading home feeling hungry doesn’t sit well in the stomach (yes, pun intended).

Quantity of food is arguably just as important as the quality of food provided. The sight of an empty buffet whilst still sitting there hungry only conjures up negative emotions – something which may influence the delegates overall experience of the event. Did the organiser not order enough food because they were trying to save on budget? How does that reflect on your business?

What’s more, food and beverage has been proven to be the most common topic of feedback for post-event surveys.

Serving delegates with memorable, quality food is one of the staples of a good host. It doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and lay on a feast fit for a King, but through strategic food and beverage selection and presentation, you can elevate the overall perception of your event.

The largest trends in food and beverage, both in terms of events and society, involve locally sourced produce and healthy options. Fair trade, seasonal and organic produce are close behind. It is common within the industry for a venue to embrace all that is local.

An organiser should reflect the views of their delegates and take this into consideration when considering the F&B elements. This is in reaction to the ever-evolving tastes and preference of our delegates. With a shift toward socially responsible attitudes, guests are asking for a lot more than basic nourishment or meal options that meet dietary needs. Regardless of if the event is a Team Building event or a Corporate Conference the fact remains the same.

One of the keys to offering a solution for this is to provide a diverse range of options to your guests. It’s no secret that sugary foods offer an energy boost, but how about offering a healthy fruit option for that sugar boost as well as the traditional pastries and muffins. Alternatively, why not elevate the experience by just offering fruit, but for those who have a sweet tooth, have a chocolate fountain ready for them to dip their skewer in to. This reminds me of one of my favourite sayings, ‘A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand’. – wise, but dangerous words!

When they’re not busy satisfying their hunger for knowledge and business opportunities, delegates turn to food to refuel and stay energised. Similarly, the beverage side is just as crucial and often underrated.

Consider your offering of beverages at lunch and snack times. Too often than not, tap water and tea/coffee are the only beverages on offer. A drinks station offering a wider selection of beverages is always a lovely touch and something delegates do not necessarily come to expect. Venues tend to agree to a ‘charged on consumption’ basis, so you don’t necessarily have to pre-order these. A range of juices and carbonated drinks usually does the trick.

Remember that food and beverage is an important element of the overall event experience. Start working with your venue and/or caterer to discuss how you can deliver a unique experience, to tantalise the taste buds of your guests. Diversity in selection, healthy options, locally sourced produce the traditional offerings with a twist should ensure you cater for the wants, needs and desired of your delegates and therefore help elevate your event.

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