Here at Hippo we offer an end-to-end services for our every single one of our clients.

Roadshow Events Agency

Hippo is a full-service, independent management agency, specialising in international setting finding and organisation of occasions.

We promise to give your occasion the support it needs with our expertise and personality. The core principles we follow makes us value every single one of our clients and make sure every customer is given the highest levels of time, focus and attention to detail that they deserve.

We are professionals in the industry, encompassing everything from concept generation and looking a suitable location to on-site delivery and post-affair reconciliation.

We prioritise you and your staff, giving you energy and dedication where it is needed most.

Why Hippo?


We spend a large amount of our time getting to know our valued clients.


We provide significant value for money through our competitive rates.

Experience and knowledge

Up-to-date knowledge and vast experience through a combination of in-house colleagues, freelances and expert suppliers.

End-to-end project management

A proactive attitude with a personal approach. We pride ourselves on our ingenuity and target driven mentality.

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Roadshow Event Services

Our expert planners are the greatest at creating a brilliant idea and then managing it properly to deliver a brilliant event at the end. Running events by yourself is daunting for most no matter how much experience you have. Planning a monumental task like roadshows can also be stressful.

Our management specialists are here to help with whatever it is you need, from the first idea to cleaning up after the last visitor has left.

End-to-end Management Services

We provide a full management scheme for our clients covering a wide range of event types. From working on the event design and concept to on-site delivery and post-event evaluation, you can rely on our experts to manage all the aspects you do not wish to handle yourself.

We have a single point of contact; we make the organising process as effortless as possible for you.

In addition, we can provide a wide range of other management services such as audio and visual, entertainment & décor, transportation, technology integration, app development, delegate management and managing event identity and marketing.

Global Venue Finding

Choosing the right setting for you can be a bit of a mine field, with hundreds of different websites all offering different prices for the same places. Let us discover the perfect place for you so that you can tick all the boxes.

Whether it be local or international, we can bring you the best locations at the lowest prices. We will send you a proposal of each one before booking so you can check that you like what we have found before we lock it in.

Roadshow FAQs

Event project management is the process of organising every detail in an event, from where the bins are to who’s invited, so that your event runs as smoothly as possible and his comfortable for everyone there.

Our team will ensure that your event will almost run itself, so you can place your energy elsewhere, on more important things. Find out more here.

A town hall in a small village in the Cotswold’s to a 100 story skyscraper in a thriving city in the east, we find the perfect place for you, anywhere around the world.

We offer this as a free service with a brief discussion of preferences and then several proposals will be presented to you so that you can choose the perfect place for you. We take the hard work out of finding the best locations. Find out more here.

Hippo is a premium event management company with years of experience in the industry. Wo work on five principles – honest, initiative, personal, proactive and on-target. This makes us deliver the greatest event you can possibly have for a reasonable price. We like to say, “The answers ‘yes’, what is the question?”

Yes, we can take as little or as much control of your event as you wish. That is our business!

You can send us an email on or call us on 01372 460 100. Our office is based in Surrey, visit our contact page for more information.

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