Does Dress Code Make A Difference?

Do we pay enough attention to the dress code at our events? Does dress code really matter? Do we concentrate on what the social norm is rather than considering how the delegate will feel? What dress code should I have for my event? So many questions and choices...


What Does It Take To Be An Events Manager?

Do you have a burning ambition to work in the Events industry? Are you at your happiest when you’re organising events of any kind? Everyone wants their event to be bigger and better than everyone else’s and it takes a certain type of person to make this happen. Today, we look at the key skill set required to be an Events Manager.


5 Top Tips For Organising An Event

Organising an event can prove to be a stressful process. If you’ve run one before, you’ll be all too familiar with the challenges and hurdles ahead. Within this blog we have identified the top 5 hints and tips, to help you along your way with organising the very best event possible.


How Best To Negotiate Your Event Contract

“Negotiation” – the term you either love or hate. Either way, it is a necessary evil when it comes to the world of business, and in particular, when organising an event. Negotiating for some can seem intimidating, however, once you learn how to negotiate effectively and successfully, you may find your opinion changes. Take a look at this blog for some useful hints and tips.


5 Biggest Pain Points When Organising An Event

A pain point is defined as a problem, real or perceived. We all have them and we all experience them. Individuals pain points vary depending on their experiences. Hippo's services are based around solutions to those key pain points. Have a read our latest blog, which identifies our clients’ 5 biggest pain points of organising an event.


Being Proactive, Not Reactive

Our ethos here at Hippo is to always have a proactive nature, ensuring no stone is left unturned ahead of our clients’ events. We identify questions and answer them before even being asked...we generate back up plans for all potential outcomes...we cover all bases, even for improbable situations…the list goes on. This blog takes a deeper look into our approach that defines our service.


Top 10 – How To Conduct A Site Visit

The second in our "Top 10" series of blogs! When conducting a site visit it is essential you look at all elements, ensuring you can depart with a clear idea of what the venue has to offer... so here are our top 10 tips for how to conduct a site visit so you can experience all elements from atmosphere to signage.