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3 Great Destinations For European Events

Are you tired of the organising events in the same locations every time? This blog looks at three underrated destinations for European events, focusing on locations offering a fantastic and memorable experience for both the delegates and organisers themselves.


What Does My Room Layout Achieve?

The layout of your meeting room can have a significant impact on the engagement and education capabilities of your event. It is important to get the balance right between the number of attendees and the most engaging layout.


Successful Ways To Receive Event Feedback

Receiving post-event feedback is a hugely important element to any event organiser. The importance of gathering such data cannot be under estimated. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask? Because feedback provides the detail on what worked and what could be improved during the event. Take a look at Hippo’s creative suggestions on how to achieve that all important feedback.


How To Work Better With Your Venue

We all want a positive relationship with our venue. Take a look at our advice on how best to maximise your experience and work with your venue better. We provide you with some key hints and tips on how best to ensure you receive the finest service and what you can do to build that all important relationship.


Top 10: What To Look For When Selecting A Venue

The first in our Top 10 series of blogs! When holding an event, the venue you choose is key. At Hippo we have a wealth of experience in choosing events venues, and we just love to share... so here are our top 10 tips for selecting a venue – these are just some of the aspects we look at when conducting venue finds on behalf of our clients.