It’s just days away and he’s working round the clock making last minute changes and preparations ready for the big event itself. Yep, Santa Claus is getting organised for the most important night of his year. Before arriving at the Ho-Ho-Ho-tel, he’s made his list, checked it twice and ensured his plans are ready and right.

Ok, enough of the Christmas-related puns, but seriously whatever you want to call him – Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or Father Christmas – he truly is the best Event Manager around. “Why?” I hear your ask. Here’s a few reasons…

He’s got a pretty big team behind him

An experienced Event Manager knows they cannot do it alone. It takes a great team to pull off a successful event, so Santa surrounds himself by the hardest working elves around. Not afraid to get stuck in himself, he’s always there to motivate and communicate, bringing in more resources and expertise when required.

An expert mind-reader

I think back 20 years (OK, last month) as I’m sat on Santa’s knee and before I even spoke he knew what I wanted. He’d done his research, spoken to the right people, prepared his spiel and executed it perfectly. What a talent. More so, he even knew what I wanted before even I did. I just didn’t know I wanted it until he told me.

He knows his clients

One minute he can be working alongside his Elf’s making preparations and the next he can be found in Reading Shopping Centre. He takes the time to speak to his clients, meeting them face-to-face and listens to them. He even brings some chocolate treats to his meetings.

More so, his communication skills are excellent. His inbox is flooded with constant letters, each one requesting something new and yet he delivers over and over again.

Never misses a deadline

No-matter what goes wrong behind the scenes the show must happen and it must happen on time. As a kid I remember waking up early filled with excitement and joy that it was Christmas morning. Running downstairs to the Christmas tree my heart melted as I noticed there was not a single present under the tree.

“Santa” had one too many whiskey’s the night before and forgot to put the presents out. Incidentally he retired and now we’re blessed with a new Santa. There’s a reason my dad was an Estate Agent and not an Event Manager.

He works his magic

How does one man eat that many minced pies and still fit down a Chimney? It’s magical, that’s why. I tried it once and ended up on the Atkins diet. Less magical. No matter how big the job, how hard the challenge is ahead, Santa Claus always get the job done. He has an incredible ability to be in many places at once and makes the impossible, possible.

He thinks about his Food & Beverage

Despite rushing around like a headless chicken during his one-day event, he always manages to catch a snack from the vast buffet offerings. It’s easy to forget to eat when you have so much on your mind, but weather it’s a glass of whiskey or a minced pie he always ensures he’s well fed and watered to keep up the energy for the hours ahead.

More so, he doesn’t forget about his team, always taking a leftover carrot or two for Rudolph to make him smile.

Ho Ho Ho!

When was the last time you saw Santa without a smile on his face? More so, when was the last time you saw Santa not make someone smile? With all the stresses and strains of his job he still maintains his friendly, jolly aura that follows him everywhere. With constant deadlines, emails, workload and long days he still maintains his uncanny ability to make you laugh and smile.

He works worldwide

Mumbai, Munich, Madrid or Melbourne, Santa travels the globe and knows everything about everywhere. He does his research, he knows where’s naughty and where’s nice, and he constantly keeps on top of his knowledge. His distinctive beard makes in a recognisable face at networking events as he builds relationships and knowledge wherever he goes.

So, in light of the forthcoming festive time, I think it’s about time we gave Santa Claus the recognition he deserves as the best Event Manager around. He does what he does for the pure love of it, not for any financial gain or recognition of his hard work. A true inspiration.

Let’s all join in a round of “Santa-plause” for the very special man.

Happy holidays!

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